29/10/20: Marius Gjersø have reworked "Frog Leaps In/Sound of Water" and it's beautiful. Listen, like and follow here.

16/10/20: The new single "Frog Leaps In/Sound of Water" is released. We sould appreciate if you took the time to listen, like and follow on our spotify page. HERE.

21/8/20: "Old Pond" is released. This is the first single from the upcoming album! Click here to listen! Also the excellent remix by Machinefabriek is released today. Listen here.

11/8/20: Save the date. We're releasing the first single "Old Pond" from our upcoming album on friday 21 August. Also released the same day is the remix done by Machinefabriek. This will be the first release from our project where we do single releases with collaboraters remixing our tunes. Check back next week for more details! 

30/4/20: We are back! Catch up on our back catalogue on spotify or your preferred music source.

28/2/16: Mixing our new record recorded live in Vanntårnet last summer. We are excited to show you all soon!

13/1/16: Check out the video Ingrid Solvik made for our track "Slumber Court".

The video is made by physically manipulating vintage 16mm film with bleach and frame by frame animation drawn directly on the analog film. Link here.

3/10/15: Thank you Japan for having us! Thank you to all the venues, our audience, everybody who bought merch and records, all you beatiful people we met during our brief stay. We can't wait to come back!

31/8/15: kÖök are having a small concert at Nesodden Kunstforenings høstfest at Vanntårnet 12th september at noon. Entrance 150,-

20/7/15: We are happy to annonce that we are featured on CD anthology "The Wire Tapper 38" going worldwide with The Wire Magazine in August. Check it out!

6/2/15: Austria! We're invited to play at Klangfest Winter, NORDKLANGLICHT in Untergreith the 14th of February. Also playing a concert at "Alte Schmiede" in Vienna the 13th at 19h.

10/2/15: We're joining up with Norwegian superduo Vilde&Inga for an intimate concert at Kulturhuset in Oslo February 10th. Show starts at 19h sharp. 100,- c.c.

5/10/14: "It's hard to say something fresh in the intersection between art music and improvisation, but that is exactly what kÖök is doing successfully. The sound is clear and complex, surprising and reflected. The electronic nuances and diversity of sound in slow motion begets images of lavishness. 5/6" -Arild R. Andersen, Aftenposten


"Those looking for that massive listening experience with subtle nuances experienced in KÖÖK's "Imber, Wiltshire" a gem!"

4/9/14: Tonight at Kulturhuset we are having a release concert and party. We have guest musicians, cava, live visuals and real CDs! Show is free and starts at 20h.

25/7/14:We are happy to announce that on the 5th of september we will release our new album "Imber, Wiltshire" on the record label Va Fongool. Stay tuned for more info! Meanwhile take a look at the cover designed by Lasse Marhaug.

21/6/14: kÖök plays ESG-21 in St. Petersburg. Be there at 20h and bring 250 Rubels for the door.

19-20/6/14: kÖök is playing the Noise & Fury Festival in Moscow, Russia. Venue: DOM

27/4/14: kÖök joins up with Ingrid Solvik for a early morning set at Podium as part of the 24h sound festival in Oslo. 10.00 sharp, free entrance.

19/3/14: kÖök at UPOP in Ørlandet.

21/3/14: kÖök at Pizdets, Oslo

22/3/14: kÖök at Vanntårnet, Oslo.

25/2/14: kÖök's playing the übercool concert series "Blow Out" at Mir, Oslo.

3/10/13: We're still exciting after the first listening to what will become our 3rd record, due in 2014. An outtake can be found on Jørn Erik's homepage here. Meanwhile you can check out a great review of our first record done by

23/6/13: kÖök+Astrid Groseth is playing St. Dans festival at Tonsenhagen

31/5/13: Upcoming gig on Henriken on friday 31 May. The talented dancer Astrid Groseth is joining us and the show starts at 20.00. Check out a video from our latest collaborations under the VIDEOS section. Hope to see you there!

27/5/13: Thanks to Ingrid Solvik for a great tour in England with us. Video can be found under the VIDEOS section. Also thanks to Mike Hurley, Diatribe, John Russell, Alan Wilkinson, Astma, Colin Webster and Keith Ford for making this tour a great experience.

13/3/13: kÖök are performing live april 4th on "Cinema neuf" with live visuals. More info TBA.

16/2/13: "Live in Leipzig"  release TODAY February 16th. Concert in Stein & Jord Platebar, Hammersborggata - Oslo at 16.00. Free entrance. Welcome!

10/1/13: Happy new year. kÖök is releasing a live recording from Leipzig soon. Stay tuned!

5/10/12: kÖök is playing another show with Astrid Groseth, the wonderful dancer, at Ila Fysikalske Thursday 18 Oct 20h. For those of you who missed the show at "høyt og lavt" this is your opportunity!

27/7/12: kÖök is playing the "høyt og lavt" festival in Oslo August 4th. It's another collaboration with a dancer, this time it's Astrid Groseth, and it's all happeing at Kunsthall Oslo.

15/6/12: "Stian and Jorn use a variety of Frippish drones and other electronic-sounding effects to bathe us in a near-soothing quietly alien soundscape." -  Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery. Read the whole review here.

15/6/12: Now also available on itunes!


4/6/12: Release concert will be at the record store Stein og Jord in Oslo, Saturday 9 June at 15.00. Free entrance!

30/5/12: You can now pre-order the record by clicking the "buy CD" button and leaving your name and adress. The record costs 100NOK and comes directly to your mailbox. (invoice, no pre-payment required)

Also available on facebook. Visit us by clicking the facebook icon down left. Hey!

14/5/12: Just got the new record in the mail, and it looks and sounds great! Stay tuned for more info about the release concert!

25/4/12: We're playing with dancers at the cool Anti-Loop improv collective at Tøyenkontoret tonight at 20h. Free entrance.

23/4/12: Thanks to everybody who contributed to make our tour happen both musicians, audiences and venues. Had a great time playing each and every gig, and we met a lot of great people.! Stay tuned for more exciting news to come.

20/4/12: Good gig in Skien last night at Mubo. Had a great time playing, and a nice concert from Kassen/Ytre-Arne. Going to Trondheim today! Split with Henrik Munkeby Nørstebø at Ni Muser tonight at 20h. If your in the neighbourhood - stop by!


Had a great time in Germany! Thanks to John Hughes, Gängeviertel and Klangarten. Next: Skien 19/4, Trondheim 20/4 and Nesodden 21/4. Check the LIVE section for more info.


New videos added under VIDEO section, record coming soon on FMR-Records, tour starting next week. A lot of stuff happening!



Check out the "LIVE"-section for more information.


Prelistening. New exerpts from the upcoming album "kÖök" is available under the "MEDIA" section. Check it out!


First mix of the new album finished. Excited about the final result.


New website is up and running.